Leeds Flood Appeal receives government match funding

Leeds Community Foundation (LCF), who set up the Leeds Flood Appeal in response to the Boxing Day floods, has received confirmation that the government will match their current raised funds £ for £. 

Flooding in Goodman Street, Hunslet. Photo: Jeremy Morton
Flooding in Goodman Street, Hunslet. Photo: Jeremy Morton

To date, the Leeds Flood Appeal has raised an impressive £157,000 from generous donations from the public and local businesses across the country. With the newly announced government match scheme, the current funding will now be doubled to over £314,000 to help local residents and community groups recover from the devastating impact of the floods.

Community Foundations provide a quick and effective vehicle for raising and distributing money to those who need it most. Leeds Community Foundation, a charity dedicated to creating a city of opportunity for all, set up the Leeds Flood Appeal to provide an immediate centralised mechanism for people to donate and to gain financial support.

The appeal has already supported hundreds of people through small and large grants to assist with repairs, replace goods and rebuild communities.

Individual grants of up £500 have provided a lifeline to households whose personal possessions and properties have been destroyed by the floods. One grants recipient said: “Thank you very much for my grant – it’s really very much appreciated at what is a challenging time, and I promise that the grant received will be put to genuine use to help us cope. This makes a huge difference.”

Community groups have also been aided by the appeal. The force of the flood water devastated Burley Mill Allotment Association, destroying fencing, sheds, manure heaps and ground covers. The beekeepers were worst affected, with almost 20 hives either swept away or badly damaged, meaning all honey was lost and bees were drowned. Their grant has allowed them to purchase a new communal shed, new hives, shared tools and manure that will benefit the allotment holders that lost all of their winter crops.

Sally-Anne Greenfield, Chief Executive of LCF, said:

“We wanted to use our expertise to help local people and communities get back on their feet following the Boxing Day floods – our immediate response was to set up the Leeds Flood Appeal. We have been amazed at the response from individuals and companies across the UK who have generously supported the appeal; without their donations, we would not have been able to help local people.

“We are continuing to receive applications and hear of more individuals and community groups who have suffered due to the floods. Therefore, we are absolutely delighted that we have been awarded government match funding that will help us make even more of a difference. These additional funds will go back into the community to assist with flood prevention to ensure the city does not face this devastation again.”

Community Foundations from across the rest of the country launched their own Flood Appeals to support flood affected areas. A full list of appeals can be found via the UKCF website, the national umbrella organisation for Foundations across the UK- ukcommunityfoundations. org/programmes/floods