Leeds Fairtrade birthday buzz

Leeds has been a Fairtrade City for 18 years this year, and children across the city have been celebrating by designing birthday cards to give to Councillors and MPs.

Leeds Fairtrade group, who organised the birthday card competition, were impressed by the quality of entries from Ireland Wood Primary School, 3rd Rothwell Rainbows and Brownies, Kirkstall St Stephens, Coop Academy Oakwood, Beechwood Primary and Greenmount Primary School.

Five entries were given Highly Commended status and Imaan Hussain’s entry (Year 4 pupil at Greenmount Primary) was chosen as the Winning design, for it’s colourful and engaging style.

Being a Fairtrade City means that Leeds City Council passes a resolution to support Fairtrade and schools, shops and businesses educate about Fairtrade and stock Fairtrade products.

Over 600 communities across the UK have achieved Fairtrade status since Garstang became the first Fairtrade Town in the world in 2001.

Mrs Metcalfe, Year 4 teacher at Greenmount Primary said:

“It’s important for children to learn where their food comes from, to understand the challenges that producers in developing countries face and how Fairtrade helps them to lead better lives.”

Winner Imaan Hussain said:

“When I found out I’d won I was shocked and excited. You should definitely buy more Fairtrade products to help farmers around the world.”

When you see the Fairtrade mark on any product, you can be sure that the farmers who produced it are guaranteed a fair price for their crop which covers production costs. They also receive a premium that they can invest in projects to benefit their communities, such as education and health care. The farmers earn enough to look after their families properly and plan for the future. The Fairtrade mark can now be found on over 3000 products from more than 200 companies.

To find out more about the work of Fairtrade Leeds and get involved go to www.fairtradeleeds.org.uk


This post was written by Hannah Langdana

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  1. I remember being part of the group which worked for Leeds becoming a Fair-trade city. Somewhere there are some certificates awarded to the best Fair-trade supermarkets in Leeds signed by me! I was proud to be involved and work with some amazing people.

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