Landlord saviour after bungalow fire

In September a bungalow in Belle Isle caught fire, with two households affected, landlords BITMO helped to ensure both parties had somewhere to stay whilst carrying out structural surveys and electrical safety checks.

At the start of what was a difficult period, BITMO (Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation) helped one tenant into temporary hotel accommodation whilst providing a daily allowance for out of pocket expenses.

Additionally, the fire victim was moved into a freshly decorated, carpeted home with furniture and equipped with the essential items he needs.

The work that landlords do is often scrutinised and judged, however, this kind and necessary act is just one example of how they are there to help and will do everything they can to assist.

In a statement, BITMO CEO Deborah Kelly said:

“I feel hugely privileged that we are able to take such good care of our community, and so impressed at how well my colleagues worked to make sure vulnerable people were looked after, they all worked hard to do, not just the right thing, but the best thing.”

Going the extra mile in these situations helps to ensure the safety, well-being and health of their tenants is of a high standard.

Mr Child from Belle Isle was unfortunate to have the fire happen in his bungalow, but speaking about what happened, he said:

“It was the work that BITMO had ordered through the council that is how it happened and that is why they were obliged to help me with moving into this home otherwise I would have been homeless or living with my family.

“But I don’t think the incident happened deliberately, it was a pure accident, and I don’t hold them to blame for it, it could have happened to anybody.

“I was sat in the room, I came out and seen a pair of legs coming out of the loft shouting ‘get out, get out, I’m calling the fire brigade’ which was instant, and they were there within 10 minutes, they got here very quickly.

“I couldn’t thank them enough. BITMO have been very helpful ever since, they have given me support from the start and they are still supporting me now at every twist and turn. The welfare of the tenants is upmost in their minds.”

Emergency housing and shelter is just one of the many things BITMO intend to do for their tenants in situations that require their help and in this situation their help and support managed to help guide their tenant through a difficult time.

In October, BITMO hosted a community consultation event to grasp an idea of some of their tenants’ concerns. After the event, CEO Deborah Kelly spoke to South Leeds Life about the company and Mr Child.

“We are a tenant-led organisation and a customer-driven organisation, our board are majority tenants. This is important because they get to determine the standard and quality of the standard that we provide, which is quite different to the council and other housing associations.

“Mr Child is a specific example, and we do that because we can and because we care and want to be the best possible landlord and there is no other organisation that would have done that.

“Because we are small and local, we can think about what the customer needs in the circumstances rather than just ‘what’s our policy?’ It is nice to be able to help people.”


This post was written by Khya Gott