Kirkstall floods aftermath – ways to help

Whilst we in South Leeds were luckily spared the worst of the recent flooding, and anyone driving down Kirkstall Road will no doubt wonder at how ‘normal’ it already looks by now in comparison with the footage we saw on the TV, many people may be unaware that the need for assistance is still very much present.

An HQ, base, volunteer meet up and drop-in centre has been set up at Open Source Arts, Aire Place Mills, 143 Kirkstall Road (opposite ITV, between Kwik Fit and the Shell garage) and is open 10am-5.30pm Monday-Saturday. Anyone wishing to volunteer or help can just go down and offer their services.

The project currently needs as a priority:

  • Substantial work gloves
  • Masks
  • Decent overalls
  • Hosepipe + fixings
  • Pressure washers
  • Sledge hammers
  • Crow bars
  • Strong builders tubs

and of course VOLUNTEERS – both labour and admin – are very much needed.

Further information is available at kirkstallcleanup. and groups/1528432344136198 as well as on Twitter at @teamkirkstall

or by contacting:
Phil Ladybird Marken – 07508 543473
Stephanie Upsall – 07988 850107
Lucy Meredith – 07989 503814

Anyone who volunteers your time in any way to help with the Kirkstall Flood Cleanup will also be eligible to gain a Time Credit with the Leeds Community TimeBank for each hour spent vounteering.

Kirkstall flood appeal


This post was written by Niki Woods using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.



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One Reply to “Kirkstall floods aftermath – ways to help”

  1. An update in case anyone wants to contribute financially –

    The Ladybird Open Source Arts project had only opened for the first time on 21 December 2015 having fitted out all the different workshops and studios from scratch as a resource for the local community.

    As much machinery and irreplaceable equipment as possible was moved out when the water started rising but much was too large or heavy. Ladybird and its members are all volunteers and have been instrumental in bringing the local community together and providing opportunities.

    Ladybird have a crowdfunding campaign to fund industrial cleaning, make the electrics safe, and rebuild/redecorate/replace. They have lots of uninsured machinery to replace &amp also many ongoing volunteer expenses as they help manage the Kirkstall clean-up.

    The page is

    Another community group affected is Seagulls, an environmental social enterprise. Their re-use scheme saves 140 tonnes of paint a year from going to landfill. Through this they provide community outreach &amp work opportunities for numerous staff and volunteers who would struggle to otherwise find work. They also work at the core of communities, providing extremely cheap paint, as well as workshops and social projects through reuse of waste paint at the Mosaic Community Workshop on Kirkstall Road.

    Their page is

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