Julie needs some space

Middleton resident Julie Gill is looking for some help so that she can continue to help to local people who have been going through a tough time mentally.

Julie will be known to many readers from the community exercise classes she has run over the years. Over the last five weeks she’s raised £600 at car boot sales to fund free therapeutic massage and reflexology treatments in her community.

Her problem is that her living room has been taken over by the donated items for the sales. She’s hoping a local business or charity will be able to offer her some free storage space. She’s also on the look out for a free community room to offer the treatments in.

“The kindness from family and friends in donating unwanted items to sell has been fantastic, but I’d like my living room back!” she explained.

“I’m also looking for a business to match fund me to enable me to provide more treatments by working with other therapists.”

In the meantime Julie is still collected unwanted items, so if you offer anything please email keepfitjulie@yahoo.co.uk