An Image Can Be Worth A Thousand Words


Day 2 of the community reporters course and we are looking at photography, featuring a trip to somewhere I’ve never been before, Middleton Park.

After an introduction on the techniques on how to take a good picture we headed off, armed with my new found knowledge and my camera I felt confident in that I may be able to capture at least one good image.

Trying to remember what we had just been talking about ‘composition, lighting, perspective, rule of thirds’ I started clicking away. Middleton Park on a sunny autumn day is beautiful, with the miles of walks through the vast woodlands followed by coffee in the visitor centre and cafe overlooking the lake, what a fantastic way to spend a Wednesday morning.

After an hour of picture taking we headed back to the BITMO centre where I reviewed my photographs. Even without airbrushing and manipulating the images I was pleased with what I had captured, better than my normal attempts at least.

Middleton Park David 1

With over 470 acres to explore over numerous trails and a vast amount of wildlife.

Middleton Park David 2

With numerous facilities for recreation there’s more than enough to keep everyone occupied.

Middleton Park David 3

The park also shows the history of the area with a life size model of a ‘Cog and Rung’, which was a means of lowering men and equipment down the mine shafts and raising of coal to the surface.

This article was written by David Brain using our Community Reporters website