Hunslet Photo Nostalgia Part 2

Following on from part one of a nostalgic photo slideshow of hundreds of photos of Hunslet and it’s surrounding area, from a bygone age, last week (viewed over 150 times already), we now present Part 2. See how many places you recognise still standing, or what is long gone that you remember. Feel free to post your memories or knowledge of any of the places shown.


Tune in next week for the 3rd and final part.

One Reply to “Hunslet Photo Nostalgia Part 2”

  1. I find the story of Hunslet so heartbreaking at the dispicable ways in which ‘slum clearance’ programs have had such an impact on real places and communities. Would anybody be interested in doing a book on the subject? I know there have been some in the past but this place needs to be known about…who knows it might eventually stop these so called ‘regeneration professionals’ from doing what they love…i.e knocking down peoples homes and communities!!!

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