Hunslet Moor School through the years

I work at the current Hunslet Moor Primary School and am researching the history of the school. Thanks to the amazing power of social media I have already discovered quite a bit but would love to know more.

Did you or any member of your family attend the school, either at it’s current site or at Burton Ave? Do you have any funny stories to tell or do you remember any important events that happened while you were there? Either personal, local, or national? For example I know the school was closed for the day during Prince Andrews wedding.

There were a number of local men who served or were killed during the World Wars, are you related to any of these men? Did any of them attend Hunslet Moor?

Can you help create a timeline of head teachers or tell me anything about the staff you can remember?

The photo is of a piece of stained glass, I believe from the original school on Burton Ave. Do you remember where in the school it was? I know it is the school badge but what is the story behind the glass? Who made it.?

History should never be a just a list of dates and events but rather it should be living, breathing memories of real people who lived and experienced life and all its ups and downs. Any information you have, however trivial it might seem to you, will help me paint a picture for our children of living history in Hunslet.


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  1. In response to your request for information on Hunslet Moor School. My mother Phyllis Broadhead as was , attended the original school on Burton Avenue between 1936 and 1948 , with her twin Kathleen and elder sister Doreen. They were at that school for the whole of their school life. Mum recalls the nursery teacher was Miss Gibson and can remember being put into cots for a sleep in the afternoon. She thinks nursery was from 3 to 5yrs and then into the infants and beyond. In September 1939 all three sisters were evacuated to Lincolnshire , but returned to Hunslet Moor after about 6 months. The headmistress was Miss Hall , Miss Jolly taught English , Arithmetic and Geography , Miss Hurst History and Music , Miss Wilson Poetry , Mrs Guy for Art , Mrs Newman taught PT and Miss Heath for Cookery and Housekeeping. She remembers this class was held in a purpose built room over the Nursery and had to cross the girls school yard to get to it. Boys and girls playgrounds were separate in those days. She was in the netball team from 11yrs to 15yrs old and played against local school teams , such as Hunslet Carr , Low Road and Middleton. Hockey practice was held on the old Cockburn field off Middleton Grove ,Dewsbury Road and they caught the tram there and back. She cannot recall the stain glass window ever being in the girls school ,and wonders if it was removed during the war? However she can recall a sticky resin being put on all the windows to prevent them from shattering in case of bombing during the war ,thus making the classrooms very dark and lights had to be on all the time. My best friends were Marjorie DIxon , Valerie Jackson and Shirley Nuttall . She wonders what became of them.

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