Hunslet Moor Primary School Celebrates a ‘Good’ Community Event


It was only a year ago since I was running “stop Miss Potter” walking, through the school corridors of Hunslet Moor Primary School as the parent support advisor. Now, on Friday 4 July 2014, I am back to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the school’s Summer Community Event.

Singing Trio
Singing Trio

I step outside and see a trio of girls confidently singing away to a backing track. I am filled with pride as I recall only last year standing outside in the playground with our air microphones practising the same song!

umbrella and welliesStalls are pitched around the playground selling potted flowers inside Wellington boots. There are books and various bric-a-brac, henna tattooing and children’s art activities in the sheltered area. However, all too soon the sky grows dark and the heavens open and the rain pushes everyone inside. By no means has this dampened anyone’s enthusiasm in the slightest. On the contrary spirits remain high. The school has got a lot to celebrate.

butterflyThe school has been buoyed-up by a recent Good Ofsted report. The ground work was laid by the previous head Narinder Gill, then last year the new head Hannah Darley stepped in to fill her shoes and harness the success of the schools achievements. Hannah continued Narinder’s legacy of hosting the Community Event last October which was an annual event Narinder ran. Since then, Hannah has marked the handover with her Summer Community Event, as a way of celebrating the diversity within the school and the journey it has made.

With a clear focus on UNICEF’s Rights and Rewards School Award, their hard work has resulted in being awarded the Recognition of Commitment (ROC). The school is ‘thinking global’ and ‘acting local’ by bringing this right back  into their community. They are using a creative edge to deliver each of the UNICEF’s Children’s Rights sections through filming the children.

Hunslet Moor wall artI talked to Hannah and asked her how she felt about the  ‘Good’ news and also being  Head teacher. She said;

“It’s all down to the hard work of the teachers, support staff, parents, carers and children. Everyone has pulled together to really bring out the positives of Hunlset Moor Primary School.”

Being in a multicultural community the school reflects its diversity with over 65% minority ethnic groups and 27 different languages. In the last year it has had 30 new arrivals with 95% making up English as an Additional Language. Over the years the school has faced challenges but has equally embraced the community’s cultural heritage. Ofsted recognises the ‘specialist language support’ offered by the teachers which enhances the pupils learning experience. Also, ‘an increasing amount (teaching) is outstanding’.

Henna Hand and lovely nails

Hannah says that the Year Six children used their knowledge of the Maths curriculum to help organise the event. They were involved from the start, devising the stalls, organising the equipment, marketing and designing the posters.  Parents and carers also made a positive contribution by running the stalls and supporting everyone at the school.

The next challenge is to fundraise for the year six’s chosen leaving celebration of bowling and a meal.

What other new and exciting things are in store for Hunslet Moor? I will come back and visit next year’s Summer Community Event to find out.