Hunslet Club Members Win Medals At World Coal Carrying Championship!

Rick Hazelwood from the Hunslet Old Boys Rugby Team and Trevor Brennan from the Hunslet Club Football Team took part in the 50th World Coal Carrying Championships on Easter Monday. This, most Yorkshire of world competitions, took place in Gawthorpe.


These lads had to run with a sack of coal, approximately one mile, (1108. 25 yards to be precise) to secure their best time. To qualify for completion of the race, the sack had be dropped on the Village Green where the traditional Maypole is situated in the heart of the Gawthorpe. They came 2nd & 3rd in the men’s race, not bad for a world championship eh! Perhaps there will be more South Leeds runners there next year!

2nd & 3rd Placed Mens Race Runners From The Hunslet Club Rick Hazelwood & Trevor Brennan

This Sunday sees Hunslet Old Boys Rugby team take on Rochdale Hornets in the prestigious Rugby League Challenge Cup 3rd round. All supporters at the game very welcome.

There are still also places during the second week of half term for 5 to 14 year olds on the clubs’ ever popular Activity Camps.

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