Hunslet Club and Involve Leeds team up to help those in need

The Hunslet Club and Involve Leeds have announced a partnership that will see them distribute food to those in need across South Leeds from next week.

They are looking for donations and volunteers to help them with the distribution process.

Involve Leeds has been working with Leeds City Council and local hubs like the Hamara Centre and Slung Low to help vulnerable people in isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.

The first step to accessing food parcels and support is to contact the council on (0113) 376 0330, and the council will then put people in touch with their local hub.

“We deliver to those who need food, maybe they are self isolating and don’t have family or friends who can shop for them, maybe they are facing financial difficulty and worry about payments, maybe they are ill or disabled and unable to access services, as services have to limit their offer or even close so we will deliver to anyone we can, who needs an emergency parcel from us,” explained Involve Leeds Project Manager Claire Whiteley.

“We [are] all observing social distancing but have a team of wonderful volunteers who make up packages and will deliver them across south Leeds. All of the hubs are proud to be working with our volunteers and of working together to take care of the people of South Leeds.”

Although the Hunslet-based organisation receives support from Morrisons and The Real Junk Food Project, they are looking for people to donate food staples, especially tinned food, and things that are easy to cook to ensure they can continue to provide their services.

Donations of “things to keep people emotionally positive” like children’s clothes, quizzes, crayons, paints and word searches are also welcome.

“We have a positive relationship with the Hunslet Club and know they will offer what help they can. They understood that this a new experience for everyone and brings it’s stresses and were keen to support the Involve team as well as the local community,” said Ms Whiteley.

“As a well established and respected community project they can use their contacts to build on and improve our service to local residents. Members of the club have offered time to help with all the tasks needed – sourcing and packing food, deliveries, taking care of local people and also of their colleagues across the voluntary sector.

“One important thing for everyone involved in addressing the impact of Covid-19 is that this is a new experience for all of us. As organisations we are learning as we go and doing the best we can and I hope are building partnerships which have a positive impact on south Leeds well beyond the current pandemic.

“We are genuinely all in this together and I hope that the care we are showing now continues to be built on.”


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  1. I have a mini bus and would be happy to help.I worked in South Leeds for 15 years with Hunslet Club and Involve they are genuine people who really care about the people in South Leeds.


  2. Hi

    I have a box of stage 2 hipp organic formula I can donate if you can collect.
    Sorry I can’t do more.

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