The sun shines on Holbeck Gala


I arrived early at Holbeck Gala on Saturday (6th July 2013) to take some photos of the stalls before the crowds gathered.


It was still a bit quiet, with stalls around the perimeter of a very large park area. Seemed a bit strange, thought maybe a lot more could have been done with the large amount of grass land space in the middle.

I have seen some of the stalls at other Galas, but some were new for Holbeck.

With arriving early, I decided to have a Caribbean Breakfast: jerk chicken with chips. Very spicy, maybe not the best choice for a hot day.

Here is a list of some the stalls at the Gala:

Entertainment was provided by live bands including The Outsiders and Chuck Wagon plus local children competing in “Holbeck’s Got Talent” and a Majorette dancing troupe.

There were children’s rides available, plus two very large play chutes – pity there was no water at the bottom on this very hot day!

I took advantage of joining Holbeck Working Men’s Club while I was there. I understand they need funds to survive, so I did my bit. I’ll also be able to go and watch live bands. Will keep an eye on their website to see what’s on.

Ingram Road Primary School held a balloon race and I paid £2.00 for a balloon, there’s £50 for the winner. Nobody has contacted me, so my balloon maybe still over the North Sea.

After a couple of hours at the Gala, before I expired in the sun, I made my way home to write up this review & organise all the photos taken.

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  1. There is a big gap in the page where the slideshow should be. Does anyone else have this problem or is it my browser? Using Internet Explorer.

    1. I’ve checked it with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari and it seems to be fine. So it might be your browser. Both Chrome and Firefox are free to download if you want to change.

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