Hilary Benn re-elected in new Leeds South constituency

On a very good night for the Labour Party, Hilary Benn has been re-elected to Parliament for the new Leeds South constituency.

His majority of 11,279 is smaller than at the last election in Leeds Central, due to a smaller electorate and lower turnout – 42.42% compared with 54.4% in 2019. His share of the vote was also down at 54% compared with 61.7% last time.

The Green Party took over second place from the Conservatives. Here are the full results:

Candidate Description Votes
AZEEM Muhammad Workers Party 719
BENN Hilary James Labour Party 17,117
BICKERDIKE Janet Christian Peoples Alliance 341
CARLISLE Ed Green Party 5,838
COOKSLEY Karen The Conservative Party Candidate 4,172
OMILANA Niko 277
SYKES George Liberal Democrats 1,340
WHETSTONE Daniel Paul Social Democratic Party 1,874
Electorate: 75,953
Turnout: 42.42%
Spoilt ballots: 473


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3 Replies to “Hilary Benn re-elected in new Leeds South constituency”

  1. Congratulations to dear Mr. Hilary Benn on your Victory!
    Wish you do better with the blessings of Divine Jesus! ✝️

  2. Congrats on winning and collecting parliament wages and allowances for doing **** all for your constituents!

  3. Congratulation to Dear Mr Hilary Benn for on winning .
    You Deserve It . That is so kind of you . I am so glad .From miss Meiraf Zewdu .

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