Hilary Benn MP backs Community Energy Scheme

Local MP Hilary Benn (Leeds Central) has backed a scheme to help people in Leeds save money on their energy bills, saying:

“This scheme gives people the chance to do something for themselves about fuel bills. The more people join the scheme, the bigger the savings can be.”

Ian Pickup, Hugh Goulbourne & Hilary Benn MP Photo by Mike Cowling
Ian Pickup, Hugh Goulbourne & Hilary Benn MP
Photo by Mike Cowling

The scheme is run by Community Energy, an independent organisation who are not linked to any energy provider. Households are encouraged to sign up as a prospective member of the co-operative. After the 1st May cutoff, Which? Рthe consumer organisation Рwill look at all the possible tariffs of all energy providers and recommend  the best for each household. They will also invite the energy companies to bid to supply all the Community Energy members to get an even better price. Once you receive the recommendation, there is no commitment to switch, but the scheme makes it much easier.

Hugh Goulbourne, of Community Energy explained:

“Anyone can switch, even if you’re on a pre-payment meter. In fact we expect those on pre-payment meters to save up to ¬£130 per year.”

The scheme is being championed by local people like Ian Pickup from Holbeck. Ian sees his job as explaining the scheme and helping people sign up, especially if they are not familiar with computers.

“I will also be setting up an Energy Club” Ian said “where we can share ideas for saving energy and cutting our bills even more. With energy costs so high and cuts to benefits and wages, it’s important people use this opportunity to save some cash.”

Ian will be on hand to answer your questions and help you sign up to Community Energy at St Matthew’s Community Centre in Holbeck on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th April from 12:00 – 2:00pm. Details here.

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  1. I recently had a water meter fitted to reduce my bills. I asked Aire Valley Homes if I could have a shower. but they declined because there is no budget. On the bright side British Gas are coming to fit loft insulation, even though I am with Npower!

  2. When is the next meeting as I missed the one this week I am interested in joining the Community Energy group.

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