Could You Help Leeds Get Online?

citizens_online_logo_mediumThe Get IT Together project, a partnership with Citizens Online and BT, supported by Leeds City Council and the Nominet Trust is looking for volunteers with basic computer skills. Following training they will then help run basic IT sessions for people who have would like to get online for the first time.

The Digital Champions will then go on to become part of the citywide network of trainers who support others to get online for the first time. Get IT Together will be running a number of weekly computer groups in various venues throughout Leeds. At these sessions  people will get help to develop basic computer skills including the use of e-mail, the Internet, and word-processing. The sessions are extremely relaxed, all good fun, and very sociable.

Training for the volunteer Digital Champions will cover various topics including:

  • What is Get IT Together
  • Resources available
  • Social networking – Facebook & Twitter
  • Emailing and connecting with people
  • How to be a good trainer
  • Leadership

Once trained, volunteers will be helping out at sessions run by the Get IT Together Project Coordinato. In the longer term, volunteers who are confident enough to do so, will be encouraged to take on a leadership role with the groups, and be responsible for the running of sessions on a regular basis.

Vic Berry, the project co-ordinator said:

“There is no age limit to our volunteers, so anyone can get involved and you don’t have to be a computer whizz, just having some basic computer skills will do, and we will organise some training to help develop you into a confident trainer of IT!”

For more information contact Vic on 07780 480968 or by email: