Help set Holbeck’s priorities

Do you have an idea for improving life in Holbeck? Come along to the Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum meeting on Saturday (14 March 2020) and help set our community priorities for 2020 and beyond.

Part of the Forum’s role is to help Leeds City Council and others decide how money is invested in our community to benefit current and future residents. Come along and have your say.

Over the years the Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum has been at the forefront of involving local people in positive successful actions. The production of the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan, approved by Leeds City Council, has been a major step forward. We still have way to go to deliver the plans and projects and are seeking working partnerships to do so.

To this end our public meeting on Saturday at The Holbeck is designed to re designate our Forum and move forward with our Neighbourhood Plan. To achieve this we need community support, your support. Please attend and raise your voice, tell us what you want Holbeck’s future to look like.

The next couple of years are crucial with some money available for the community through the South Leeds Community Committee to spend in our area. Our voice on where these funds are allocated needs to be heard.

Holbeck Is People – over the next months let us continue to be a force , a voice that cannot be ignored.

These are some of the problems and outstanding issues:

The new flats on The Spotted Cow site are not all they might be, why can’t we have high quality developments? More on this on page 2.

Parking: Every day cars are parked on Holbeck streets blocking pavements, causing pedestrians, mothers with prams and disabled people to step out onto the highway. At almost every residents’ meeting parking is raised as an issue none more so than when Leeds United FC host home matches.

Travellers: Regularly travellers park up in Holbeck. Yes they have rights and needs, but surely after all these years a solution should be found. It becomes a regular merry go round with mounds of rubbish and the constant magistrates orders costing Council Tax payers thousands of pounds.

School Field: Ingram Road Primary School is in a situation where the number of pupils attending are too numerous for the space provided in the school tarmacked play area. Increasingly the school playing field on Brown Lane is used as an overflow. The recent proposal from Leeds United to take over part of the field for their new training facility and football academy, along with the site formally used by the Matthew Murray High School needs scrutiny. The future development on both these sites is important and the overall outcome must be one that benefits the school and the Holbeck community.

Social Housing: the planned Council housing that was to be built next to St Matthew’s Community Centre has been delayed, we don’t want to see it disappear.

The meeting takes place at The Holbeck club on Jenkinson Lawn, LS11 9QX, starting at 12pm with refreshments available from 11:30am.


This post was written by Dennis Kitchen

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