Greedy Monkeys Christmas Party at the Peggy Tub


First I would like to apologise, due to my ill health, for the lateness of this blog. I hope its been worth the wait.

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Greedy Monkeys Christmas party

On Saturday 1 December 2018 a party for the children of Angela and Bob’s customers at Greedy Monkeys Café, on Belle Isle Parade, was held at the Peggy Tub, a well known club in Hunslet Carr.

When I arrived there were already around 200 children, parents and grandparents enjoying the music from DJ, Angela.

There was plenty of food from the buffet, again supplied by Angela and Bob. The children kept happy and busy with Christmas games

I remember the last time I visited the Peggy Tub in Hunslet Carr, which must have been 50 years ago.

Santa, giving out Christmas Presents

Santa made an early visit to bring some presents for the Children, at least less work on Christmas Eve for him.

Alison from Homeless Leeds called in to the club, and told me a bit about the Charity, which Greedy Monkeys have as there charity of the year.

Alison’s, Charity (run by 6 volunteers) give out hot food, toiletries, clothes and blankets to the homeless in Leeds’ City Square.

Last Christmas Alison and her charity gave out food to around 60 to 80 homeless in City Square along with other things. Like as before toiletries ,clothes. Again this year Alison and her volunteers will be out in City Square Leeds to do it all again.

On the day Angela and Bob and customers raised over £300 for the charity. I learnt that Jack Fulton’s have given a voucher of £500 for Homeless Leeds, thank you to them.

Just before leaving Alison was given two collection boxes with more money, and food from the buffet, made fresh that day was given to Alison for the homeless of Leeds.

I can’t help thinking how cold the weather was that night and I certainly would not have liked to be homeless.

Angela says:

“Each year we donate our tip money or change left to a charity that has some meaning to our community. This year we have decided to give it to Homeless Leeds due to knowing many people and family members who are lucky enough to be able to sofa surf rather than the many who are on the streets of Leeds City Centre.

Alison from Homeless Leeds

“My own daughter has been on the housing list for 4 years since.

“2 years before I made the decision to sell my home to invest into my business and improve all my equipment.

“Now my 22year old must share a bed room with her little sister and if she has a night out with friends, she stays with them or her other sister who is in a 1 bedroom flat with her partner and baby.

“The housing is getting worse this year. This year we have raised over £250 so we made the decision to have a thank you party to our customers who have supported our café over the last 2 years.

“Next Year we will continue to donate our left-over change tips to a charity which will be Charlie’s Angels Foundation. It’s a charity that means a lot to many customers. They help people who have sadly lost a baby or child/young person and meet others in the same position.“