Get playful with dens at home this week

South Leeds families are invited to participate in a new ‘Love to Play’ festival this month – with free giant den-building kits and more available locally, to help them do so.

The festival – run by acclaimed Leeds-based ‘Playful Anywhere’, between 10-17 April – is aiming to inspire people across the city and the world, to get playful and creative. It will feature dozens of events, challenges and activities, run by a wide range of partners – for people to engage in, wherever they are.

Here in south Leeds, local resident Ed Carlisle is leading their virtual den-building project – and is making dozens of giant den-building kits available, to collect from Cross Flatts Park in Beeston.

The free packs are made up of several big bicycle boxes (stuffed into one another, so they can be easily carried), other crafty building materials, and duct tape. Giant chalk packs will also be available.

The packs can be picked up between 9am-2pm between Tuesday 6 – Friday 9 April, from the café in the Watsonian Pavilion in the park.

The kits are for use at home and not in the park please.

For more info on dens and the local kits, look for Love to Play Den Festival 2021 on Facebook. For the wider festival, check out the website, or search #LoveToPlay2021 on social media.