Future Transport Plans For Holbeck

Two weeks ago Steve Peacock posted about the possible effects of the Council’s Core Transport Strategy on roads in Holbeck.

Leeds City Centre Transport Strategy
Emerging City Centre Transport Strategy

South Leeds Life has been in touch with  councillors for Beeston & Holbeck ward and Cllr David Congreve has issued the following statement:

David Congreve
Cllr David Congreve

“The plan referred to is the Emerging City Centre Transport Strategy and is, at present, conceptual and part of the Council’s Core Strategy. The emerging city centre transport strategy is still very much a work in progress document with no firm plans at the moment.

“Indeed with the recent announcement of the HS2 station it is already being revised in view of the detail of the government’s proposals. The proposal utilises the existing road network with possible alterations, but at this stage the links on the conceptual plan are lines showing possibilities.

“This is a long term strategy up to 2025 and beyond and is clearly subject to change as time goes on and different concepts develop and, of even more importance, government funding for any infrastructure.

“Once details emerge at points in the future, consultation will take place with communities.  However one important aspect which appears to have been overlooked is that there is a neighbourhood plan being developed for Holbeck. It is my view that the emerging City Centre Highway Strategy should be a consideration in developing the neighbourhood plan, as far as it affects the Holbeck plan area. With this in mind I have asked officers to attend a meeting of Holbeck Forum and the neighbourhood plan working group to consult on the proposals.”

The Core Strategy is part of the Council’s overall Local Development Framework which contains many detailed policies on all aspects of planning in the city. It is not clear that Councillors were familiar with this particular document until we raised it.

In such a vast organisation as Leeds City Council, is it possible for ward members to know about everything that the Council is doing or has planned that will impact on their ward?

South Leeds life is delighted that as a result of raising this issue, these important plans will now be considered as part of the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan.

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One Reply to “Future Transport Plans For Holbeck”

  1. What still concerns me is that the ‘lines showing possibilities’ although not cast in stone seem to be the only options under consideration. Knowing the way the council often bulldozes its ideas forward irrespective of the concerns of the people affected I have a fear that such possibilities will become reality. Personally, I have little faith in the consultation process which often seems to be a case of ticking the relevant boxes.

    I welcome David’s invitation to council officers to get involved with the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan. It is very important that the council’s Highway Strategy and the future plan are harmonised.

    I do think that the council should have processes in place by which councillors are informed of plans that are likely to affect their wards, especially for crucial work such as the Core Strategy and Transport Strategy. If councillors are kept in the dark what hope can we as ordinary citizens have?

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