Future of Beeston church hangs in the balance

The future of a heritage building in Beeston Hill will be decided in the coming months, with the former Holy Spirit church now up for sale – for a modest £125,000.

Holy Spirit church on Tempest Road

Built in 1903, the listed building is a not-insignificant 900 square metres – but is also understood to be in a poor state of repair, with no sewage, and would require large investment to become usable.

It closed its doors as a church congregation in 2012 due to dwindling numbers, but has since hosted several events including the Samara’s Aid appeal, and a Christmas Wonderland experience. And its garden – which features an orchard and edibles – has been renovated by local residents, and won a regional ‘In Bloom’ award.

Revamped signage at the closed Holy Spirit church

Local people have previously expressed interest in leasing the building from the Church of England, and turning it into as a multi-use community venue – but have ruled out making a bid for it at this stage. Ed Carlisle, speaking for the group, commented:

“This building has great potential, and loads of people are keen to be involved – but we’re simply not in a position to buy it. We totally understand why the C of E are trying to sell it, and it’ll be interesting to see if it does sell, and who to – perhaps we could work with them.

“Or we’ll keep in touch with the church leaders, and – if it doesn’t sell – we’ll see if we can make something happen. We are with any luck the Back Up Plan! Get in touch anytime – to find out more, or to get involved.”

For more info on the church, and its sale, contact Savills estate agents in York: savills.co.uk. For more on the proposed local scheme, contact Ed on 07738 921 277.