Friends fundraise for Middleton Park tree sculpture

The Friends of Middleton Park have launched a Go Fund Me page to help pay for a tree sculpture in the park.

Chair of the Friends, Alan Shaw, explains:

“When the Friends learnt from the Council Estate Officer for the Park that one of the trees by the lake needed to be cut down as it was becoming dangerous we were very disappointed. However we also thought that this might be an opportunity. I have long been a fan of wooden carved sculptures – especially those large sculptures carved using a chainsaw – and I thought this would be an opportunity to have a carving that really represented the Park in a prominent place. Working with Shane, and explaining the significance of some of the features in the Park, we think we have come up with a potential design that really reflects all that the park means to the local community.

“We are looking to further engage the local community by asking them to support the cost of the sculpture and have asked for donations. Anything beyond the amount that we receive from donations the charity will obviously cover direct out of the limited funds that we have available.

“We look forward to the sculpture being completed in the next few weeks and all in the community being able to enjoy it for years to come whilst enjoying the events that we put on over the summer (especially our ‘Great Middleton Park Show’ on 12 September – celebrating the centenary of the Park…plus one!), the beauty of the lake, and the frolicking of our celebrity swan family!”

If you would like to contribute please go to: