Free training for groups to help tackle mental health issues

We all know that looking after our wellbeing and mental health is even more critical than ever during these times of lockdown and social distancing.

Humans Being is offering six week online wellbeing courses during 2021, and is looking for organisations in South Leeds who would be interested in partnering with them.

We’re running women’s wellbeing groups, male suicide prevention training for volunteers, a weekly men’s social group and ‘Wellmen Activists’ – training for men who want to improve the health of other blokes in the community. The courses are informal and encourage participants to find their strengths, make changes and connect with people to get their stress levels down and confidence and wellbeing up.

Areas covered are open to group suggestions and usually include:

  • Putting yourself first
  • Focusing on the positives in our lives
  • Assertiveness and setting boundaries
  • The role of gender stereotypes, how to be aware of this and challenge it in lockdown
  • Dealing with stress and relaxation techniques

One participant said:

“The way I think about things has changed. Before the course I didn’t think about myself first. I didn’t used to think about my health before the course but now I do – both mental and physical health.”

Humans Being works in partnership with local Third Sector organisations for free or with other organisations for a fee.
We would love to hear from any organisations who would like to partner with us to run a course in 2021.

The opportunity is open to all groups working in the community with older people; people dealing with mild or moderate anxiety or depression; domestic violence survivors; refugees and asylum seekers; mothers; isolated women or men. This includes charities, informal grassroots groups and other organisations, such as care homes or probation hostels, where the course can be adapted and run separately for staff and beneficiaries.

Humans Being is Leeds-based not-for-profit organisation. We’re a group of people who have experienced the impact of gender stereotypes and discrimination in our own lives and those of our families – from mental ill health and sexual abuse to addiction and domestic violence.

As professionals working in the voluntary, community and education sectors, we have seen the impact of negative gender stereotypes on our communities but we’ve also seen the power that people can find when they support each other to change the way they see themselves and the world and start doing things differently.

“It can feel hard getting motivated to do anything in lockdown, but I’m really glad I came on this course. It’s made me think more about putting myself first and the little things you can do to feel good week by week. It’s really been helping and I’ve been challenging myself to get out of the house more as a result.”

If you’re part of a charity or voluntary group and think our training could benefit your community, get in touch with Duncan or Heather on (0113) 873 0028 or email


This post was written by Sue Hoey

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