Free Dr Bike sessions at the community hubs

Free pop-up Dr Bike sessions will help sort out those loose brakes, jumping gears and flat tyres so that old bikes at the back of the shed can have a new lease of life.

Dr Bike sessions are available at Dewsbury Road Community Hub in Beeston on Wednesday 4 November, 10am-2pm; and at Hunslet Community Hub on Wednesday 11 November, 10am-2pm.

The trained mechanics will be able to spend a maximum of 30 minutes per bike and carry out a full safety check and some minor repairs. If your bike requires more substantial repairs, they will be able to signpost you to the nearest independent bike shop participating in the Government’s £50 Repair Voucher scheme.

The scheme is part of Cycling UK’s Big Revival, a spokesperson said:

“So whether you want to beat the traffic on a trip to the supermarket or are planning to fly to work on the daily commute, the Big Bike Revival is here to help you get back in the saddle. At Cycling UK, we have a passion for cycling, for the thrill of getting out in the fresh air, for feeling fitter in mind and body and for the chance to chat about the ride with friends. We are pumped up to cycle and thanks to our pop-up Dr Bike sessions you can be too.”

Both sessions are being delivered by The Bike College who will provide all the equipment, tools and parts.

To book a 30 minute session with Dr Bike go to or