Fracking coming to Knostrop?

I went along to Hunslet Carr Residents Association meeting. Held on the first Thursday of the month.

Normally don’t go into much talking in the meeting, but thought I would give my view on 2 subjects that came up.

Number 1 was Fracking coming to Knostrop?

A guy came to the meeting to talk on the subject, sorry forget his name but very against Fracking.Comment logo 2

He of course gave us all the horror stories about earthquakes and things and that Fracking waste to go into the River Aire. Hundreds of tankers carrying radioactive material.
Of course if this were true I’m sure Leeds City Council would have a word to say about it and the River authority.
Anyway Kenny (chairman) asked if anyone would like to comment.
I spoke and told the guy that the planet is getting smaller due to the vast resources such as China, Japan and Russia use.
We badly need some other way of obtaining fossil fuels to make into Petrol/Diesel and heating oils.

There is a patch of land opposite my flat; all that’s on it is a derelict Doctors surgery.
I continue to get letters re planning permission but the Doctor needs to lets it go ahead. So use the land for Fracking I don’t mind.

Anyway to end this part of the meeting he said does not agree with me, and we don’t need Fracking to obtain more fossil fuels.
He added a stupid comment and said we should get permission to have more wind farms and houses to fit more solar panels.
Sorry don’t agree, wind farms and solar panels are not going to ease the needs of the world.
Solar panels in particular, you have to have fitted 5 years before you get a return on your investment. He left the meeting in a huff.fracking-2 giving me a black look.

Frack free Leeds say
Local organisation
Frack Free Leeds

A new round of fracking licences have recently been announced across England, covering vast areas of Yorkshire.
This means that fracking could soon be coming to our local communities.

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a process used to extract gas trapped inside shale rocks underground.
This is done by drilling a deep well and injecting a mixture of water, sand and chemicals at very high pressure to fracture the shale rock and release the gas.
Evidence from fracking sites in the US, Canada and Australia have shown a wide range of negative impacts this process causes, such as water contamination, air pollution, earthquakes, and ill health in humans, livestock and wildlife alike.

Community groups across the country have had great success in campaigning against fracking in their local area, you could be part of the community of people winning this battle all over the UK.
The areas of South Leeds covered by the latest round:
Allerton Bywater, Belle Isle, Carlton, East Ardsley, Great Preston, Ledsham, Ledston, Lofthouse, Methley, Mickletown, Middleton, Oulton, Robin Hood, Rothwell, Thorpe-on-the-Hill, and Woodlesford.

There is a public meeting on the Monday 21 November at St Joseph’s Club, 4 Whitefield Avenue, Leeds LS10 2QE . If you want to go along to have your say, starts at 6.30pm.


Second of the subjects I was interested in was the on-going problem with the Road bends near the Parnaby Tavern. Councillor Nash had another suggestion that may come into use that one side of the bend, thinking of a large curved kerb.
If a vehicle hit the curb at speed, this would have the effect of pushing the car back into the middle of the road instead of the car mounting the pavement and going through a brick wall of someone’s garden .

I again commented on this, that the car going at speed hitting one of these kerbs would turn the car over or hit on-coming traffic. Which In my view, replaces one problem with another. Kenny (chairman) said they should not be going at 70mph then. I agree.


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  1. You say that “wind farms and solar panels are not going to ease the [energy] needs of the world”. Last July in the cold and rainy UK, renewable energy accounted for 46% of energy supply, outstripping coal for the first time. Energy use is lower in summer, that’s true, (although air conditioning use shoots up and is as wasteful as heating). However, even in the UK, properly funded government programmes of energy conservation enforced through planning/building regulations; requirements and help to retro-fit both energy conservation and generation measures to private and social housing; a resumption of funding for carbon capture research; greater use of tidal and non-tidal water power could raise that closer to 100%.
    Worldwide, the potential is much much greater. The most inhospitable regions of this earth are uninhabited: the coldest generate little demand for energy but could generate wind and wave power; the very hottest are also uninhabited with huge potential for the generation of solar power.
    Finally, this world wastes colossal quantities of natural resources of all kinds in unfettered competition and “growth at all costs”, whilst becoming increasingly, disgracefully, unequal. 62 individuals now own as much wealth as the poorest 50% of the world’s population. We need to put a stop to that and produce enough for everyone’s needs, not excessive amounts to satisfy the greed of a few.

  2. Wind turbines are inefficient, and are a threat to wildlife, as well as looking absolutely horrendous.

    Make it a planning condition that all new homes are built containing solar panels to the south facing elevation and the possibility for air source heat pumps, micro generation is where it is at to reduce the requirement for expensive infrastructure.

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