Follow Leeds emergencies on Twitter

twitterFed up of being out of the loop with what’s been happening in the snow? Steve Thornton from the council has sent us the following information about a new Twitter account you can follow to keep you up to date with emergency information in Leeds for floods etc …

As part of the response to city wide emergencies, Leeds City Council’s Emergency Planning Team is responsible for the co-ordination and mobilisation of council services and resources. Examples of emergencies we respond to are severe weather and evacuations.

Often in liaison with the Emergency Services and other professional partners, the council provides support to those directly affected but also aims to warn and inform the wider public of an incident.

The team has created an official Twitter account … @leedsemergency.

This will be one of the methods used to notify the public of incidents, particularly those with the potential to significantly impact areas of Leeds.

An excellent example of this is the recent snow and ice which continues to affect the city and wider areas. Numerous tweets were posted providing advice and guidance, signposting to partner and other appropriate websites and advising people of localised issues and school closures. The flooding during September and November also demonstrated how effective the use of an official Twitter account can be.

Though you may not be directly involved in an incident, having an awareness of a situation may be of use. You may have a vulnerable family member or friends living nearby to the incident that you could advise or contact to check they are okay. Using our official Twitter account should help you make informed decisions during a time of disruption to allow you to protect you, your family and friends.

Whatever the reason, you are encouraged to follow the official Emergency Planning Team @leedsemergency.

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