Extra fencing for Holbeck Moor

New fencing is set to be installed around Holbeck Moor to stop travellers gaining access to the site.

The fencing on Holbeck Moor will be green
The fencing on Holbeck Moor will be green

The new fencing will run along the edge of Holbeck Moor Road and a new gate will be installed to allow access for fairgrounds and other authorised users. Bollards will be installed prevent footpath access points being used by vehicles.

The fencing will cost £31,000 to install. The Inner South Community Committee has contributed £20,000; £6,000 has come from the Housing Advisory Panel; and £5,000 from Housing Leeds. Installation will take place in January 2017.

Councillor Angela Gabriel said:

“Following the recent encampment by travellers we have listened to residents’ concerns and suggestions and moved quickly to implement this solution. I would like to thank the other funders for their co-operation.”

The site has been used by Gypsies and Travellers twice recently, firstly at Easter and then in August. The cost to Leeds City Council of legal action and clean up after the second encampment was £2,964.