Elvis is in the building at Middleton Elderly Aid

Please take a look at slide show above

Had a lovely day at Middleton Elderly last Wednesday. Starting off with a bacon sandwich and coffee at the centre, made by Leanne, thanks Leanne.

Then joined the Arm in Arm walking group for a leisurely walk to Middleton Park, the Rose Garden and then onto the Bike Hub Cafe.

Although it was shady on the walk down to the Rose Garden, I made sure there were plenty of chances to sit down and rest. We walked 4.7 miles fantastic achievement by all.

Jean selling raffle tickets

We arrived back at MEA to see staff already setting up the tables for the Middleton over 60s residents for drinks and food later.

Dean Holland (Elvis) turned up a bit late due to traffic hold ups, the people waiting didn’t mind one bit.

By the time Dean was on stage around 80 people in the centre: MEA members, staff and volunteers were waiting for him to sing.


I was reminded by Gerry, I had seem Dean before at the Parnaby Tavern last year, completely forgot.

Members of MEA

Dean quickly set up his pa in record time, with a lady who came along to help.

Dean quickly got cracking singing Elvis hits. In no particular order sang Return to Sender, Wooden Heart and more before having a break for us all to enjoy American Hot Dogs for American independence day. Followed by Ice Cream, maple syrup and strawberries.

There was a raffle of a picture of Elvis to raise funds for the centre. We forget the centre relies on donations, money from raffles, grants and more as the centre is under the umbrellas of a charity.

Dean Holland as Elvis

Jean (volunteer) came around selling raffle tickets for the centre open day in a couple of weeks, of course I bought some raffle tickets.

Onto the second half, more Elvis hits belted out by Dean with one or two requests. He had the audience in the palm of his hand, going up to the ladies and kissing them. One lady said I’m not going to wash for weeks.

Dean  finished with a couple of all time hits, like You Were Always On My Mind and Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a Simon and Garfunkel hit.

I have seen many Elvis in my time, but Dean beats them all. Dean immediately was booked to come back to the centre on 7 November.

Lady with Mavis who won raffle for Elvis picture

Also the centre on Sharp Lane, seeing videos of Dean asked his telephone number to book him. News travels fast in Middleton and Belle Isle!

Dean had another gig after our’s at Whincup Gardens. Sue said she had a brilliant time.

Thanks to Walter, Lucy, Mavis, Jean, Samantha and any more of the helpers I’ve forgotten for a fantastic afternoon.

Dean says

“Well what a great afternoon at the Middleton Elderly Aid … great crowd … hope you all enjoyed yourselves … good to see you all again … xxx see you all 7 November guys xx
Independence day treat … thank you all … I had a great afternoon xxx


Dean Holland as Elvis Facebook Page Please click link


And finally Dean Holland last song on video. Enjoy