Do you know who’s taking away your rubbish?

Residents warned to take responsibility for household rubbish otherwise risk the chance of being fined

Leeds residents are being warned to make sure they arrange for registered waste collectors to remove any household rubbish from their property otherwise they may find themselves with a fine.

Earlier this year the government agreed to give local authorities the power to issue fixed penalty notices to householders whose waste is illegally fly tipped because knowingly or not the householder has allowed an unauthorised person to take it away and it has been flytipped. In Leeds the new rules come into effect from June 2019.

Local authorities already have powers to prosecute householders for this type of activity. However, these prosecutions are costly for the regulators and for the court, and leave the householder with a criminal record which in some cases seems too severe.

The new powers to issue fixed penalty notices will mean that if a householders waste has been found to have been disposed of illegally they could receive a fine of £200 (or £150 if paid within 10 days)

Councillor Mohamed Rafique, Leeds City Council executive board member with responsibility for environment and active lifestyles said:

“It is very important that all householders understand their responsibility when it comes to removing and disposing of their rubbish.

“When looking to get rid of larger items it is key to ensure that you speak to an authorised company or the council to help you remove the waste, otherwise you could land yourself with a fine.

“In educating and calling on residents and businesses not to unknowingly allow their waste to be flytipped and to help identify the people they see committing this crime, we can all achieve so much more to help keep Leeds clean.”

If you are getting rid of large items in good condition, why not give it to a charity such as SLATE or St Luke’s CARES who will collect the item at no charge.

The Council will collect up to four large items that cannot be reused for £20.

If you do pay someone to take away your waste, ALWAYS:

  1. Ask to see their waste carrier licence, or check online using the Environment Agency’s website at
  2. Pay by card or bank transfer and get a receipt or waste transfer note
  3. Note the registration number of the vehicle that collects your waste
  4. Ask where they are taking the waste to dispose of it

A genuine waste carrier will not mind you asking these questions and will always provide you with a proper receipt. If in doubt, do not allow anyone to take your waste.


To find out more about the fixed penalty notices visit –


This post is based on a press release issued by Leeds City Council



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  1. The council needs to encourage people to use the local tip, rather than their current policy of making it harder and imposing fines. My local tip has ANPR cameras now so you can’t use it unless you have a residents badge. I’ve lived in Leeds for 19 years now and never received a badge. Been in my current house for nearly four years – no badge. Requested a badge from the council about eight weeks ago and haven’t received anything back.

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