Diary date: Oddsocks and bands in Middleton Park

Oddsocks make annual appearances in Middleton Park
Oddsocks make annual appearances in Middleton Park


The Friends of Middleton Park are proud to announce the return of Oddsocks Theatre Company, performing another of their dramatic and hilarious renditions of Shakespeare’s plays, writes FOMP trustee Frances Jones.

The event takes place on Tuesday 9th July at 7pm and is completely FREE.  The audience is invited to bring chairs, blankets and a picnic if they so wish.  The Friends will be serving refreshments in the new visitor centre.

The event has been sponsored by the Co-operative Community Fund, courtesy of everyone who shops at their local Co-op and donates part of their dividend to the Fund.  The Friends are very grateful to the Community Fund committee for their support.

This year it’s A Comedy of Errors.  This is how Oddsocks themselves describe it:-

We are delighted  to announce that our summer tour for 2013 will be:

Shakespeare’s shortest and most farcical of comedies:  “The Comedy of Errors”.
A servant and master from far off Syracuse arrive in Ephesus in search of their long-lost twin brothers.  In no time at all they are trapped in a terrifying chain of chaotic events.

Tormented by a wild wife, a moody mistress, challenged by a crazy jeweller and damned by a demonic doctor the terrified twosome run headlong into a climactic happy ending which defies all probability.

A summer Turkish delight not to be missed!


On Sunday 7th August, Friends of Middleton Park will be hosting the West Yorkshire Brass Band down at the visitor centre in the Park. This popular band will be playing from 2.30pm with a selection of your favourite tunes.

The event forms part of the Friends’ summer programme, running every Sunday afternoon until the end of September. This band has been paid for our Middleton Park Ward Councillors Kim Groves, Judith Blake and Paul Truswell.

If anyone who has difficulty walking and lives in south Leeds would like a lift to and from the Park, the Friends have arranged accessible transport along with Health For All and the NHS. Please give Gayle a ring on 0785 294 5286 and she will come and pick you up and take you home again.

The Friends will be serving refreshments from 2-4 pm. Everyone is welcome to join us for a cuppa and an afternoon of relaxing music. Even the weather forecast is looking good!