Develop your photo skills with Digital Image Online

A new group for those interested in photography is bringing people together in Beeston.

Meeting at the Skills Hub on the Cockburn School campus, Digital Image Online plans to share skills and organise training for beginners and experienced snappers alike.

Organiser Steve Thompson explains:

“We have a range of activities planned which includes a mix of trips, studio sessions, instruction on various photographic techniques which are going to happen during the weekly sessions.”

Photography is no longer limited to cameras and the group aim to  develop creativity and confidence amongst its members in using digital imaging technology including Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Mobile Phones, Tablets and interfacing with computers, printers and the internet.

Amongst the activities planned so far are:

  • Teaching digital photography, we are creating a modular beginners course, the tutor creates the material and guides the student to create the images/illustrations, not only demonstrating the techniques, but showcasing students work after the fact.
  • Provide support and guidance for the use of mobile phone cameras and the various editing that can be done simply within the phone itself.
  • Enable access to computers software, teach and guide people how to use the computer, download photographs, modify, retouch, enhance, print and create presentations of their work.
  • Organise ‘Studio’ sessions including using ‘green screen’ techniques
  • Organise trips to various ‘on location photo shoots’
  • Create projects for people to participate in, such as visually documenting the local area & heritage sites and publishing on the group web site.
  • Create relationships with other local groups and organisations to photo document their events, such as local Galas etc.
  • Show and guide people how to make, edit and produce videos
  • How to scan, from prints, slides, negatives, plus how to enhance and repair old photographs.
  • Guidance in the proper use of web publishing sites, such as Facebook, help create and maintain own web sites and photo journals.

Sessions run every Thursday from 1:15-3:15pm at the Beeston Village Skills Hub. As the hub is within school grounds, please ring 07754 391490 or email: to arrange access.

Sessions for people with learning disabilities are also running and the group are hoping to start an evening session for people who work during the day.

All the sessions are free thanks to funding from the The Big Lottery Fund and Comic Relief.