Demolition of South Leeds Sports Centre: Slideshow and video


South Leeds Sports Centre which was closed in November 2010 has been demolished.


All photos and video by Jeremy Morton

I was tipped off on Facebook that the demolition of South Leeds Sports Centre had started on Wednesday (9 October 2013). I went down and took some of these photos. It was clear that as the sports centre was a large and substantial building it would take several days to be demolished. I therefore returned on Thursday, Saturday and Monday.

Having spent many hours in the building swimming, circuit training, watching my children swim and attending meetings in the bar area I found the demolition quite upsetting. In particular as I spotted a basketball hoop, or the sign for the shallow end of the pool.

Although this is a sad day, we should remember that there are still opportunities for sport in the area such as those run by the Live Well Project at Holbeck Working Men’s Club and Parkrun in Cross Flatts Park.

Do you have memories of South Leeds Sports Centre? Why not share them in the comments section below.

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  1. Jesus I remember this being built, I lived opposite in the Northcotes. I remember Dennis who worked there for years and Big John learn’t me to swim, had some good times in the sports centre we had lots of family parties upstairs in the hall. It’s sad to see it go, but on the upside at least there’s something going in its place – a new school.

  2. We used the Sports centre for many activities, also used the facility for our Beeston Broncos Amateure Rugby team which is still run out of cabins on the Pitch at the rear of the Sports Centre.

  3. I remember learning to swim there, and Big John. My mate and I used to clean cars on a Sunday to earn some money so we could go swimming in the afternoon, after swimming we would go upstairs and fool around on the crash mats and drink the dodgy soup from the vending machine.

    1. I remember this place fondly. Nearly every Saturday afternoon in the pool and playing up by the vending machines. I’m friends with Dennis on Facebook! I remember Big John, not so fondly lol he scared me into swimming faster!
      I live in Bristol now and occasionally visit Leeds, it’s certainly not the same these days 🙁

  4. Awwww what a shame….. I too have lovely memories, my child learning to swim, birthday parties and the staff team were wonderful. What a loss to the south Leeds Community. John Charles is not the same, too deep and much too competitive, takes the fun out of swimming.

  5. There have been a lot of comments on Facebook too. Here’s a selection:

    “Absolutely gutted, another part of my childhood gone.”

    “Nearly every Sat & Sun we went, then most of our school hols spent there even went to the roller disco they did on a Sunday.”

    “I loved the roller disco ha ha I wore my bright pink leg warmers lol.”

    “Had forgotten about the Roller disco. I used to love it but was useless at stopping! Lol.”

    “Awww that’s sad to see, I remember going swimming there all the time with my dad.”

    “I remember this being built and going with friends.”

    “Oh no its gone. I went there as a child, loved swimming, played tennis etc.”

    “So sad, many happy memories there.”

    “This is really sad! So many local kids and adults learnt to swim and kept fit here! We fought to keep it open and fought to get it re-opened which we did! But then they closed it! And now they have finally knocked it down! I hope those that made the decision can sleep at night!”

    “That’s where I learnt to swim…so did the kids.”

    “Yeah, swimming every Monday there, remember me old Grandad cheering me on when I did me 10 metres….”

  6. Thanks Jeremy, I was brought up near there. I went to Bewerley Street infants school in Hunslet Hall Road as well.

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