Day at the Museum

Last Tuesday, we had a visit to the museum in the centre of Leeds. The building started as The Mechanics Institute, then it was known as The Civic Theatre.

When it opened as the City Museum, I went to see what it was like, and enjoyed it.

The trip with the Community Journalists Course was part of the course, to get us used to seeing things as photo-journalists. John Baron, who is our tutor, was keen for us to get started,taking pictures,gathering information etc. I quite enjoyed the visit, seeing things that I hadn’t seen when I went before. There is something for most people to see.

The exhibits range from very ancient to recent events. There are things from ancient Egypt,Leeds history. Some war memorabilia. If you get a bit weary, thirsty or hungry, there is a cafe which has various beverages, tasty snacks etc. There is wheelchair access for the disabled and the staff are usually happy to help.

Our team of Community reporters couldn’t spend the amount of time there that I would have liked to. I will call again when I next get the chance.

When you go, have a look to see what you can find that connects to South Leeds – there are things there with a definate link to our area.It isn’t just for learning trips for children, or practice for those of us on the community-reporters course



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