A special day at the museum

We went to the Leeds museums on Tuesday 6 of vember. We took lots of photos – it was a good day!

The Middleton Collier with Salamanca locomotive and possibly Wood Pit – courtesy of the Science Museum

We took lots of photos – and I took lots of sport photos of well-known men and woman. It was a very good place to go but I needed all day. There was too much to look round it in suc a short period of time.

It would be good to take your kids – there were lots of school kids lookibg round and it is good for kids to look round and see what’s there.

I particularly enjoyed the section on Middleton Railway and its history.

We went with our tutor John to learn how to take photos for the course we are doing, I learned a lot about how to take photographs and I thought the session was very good. If they are not good then try take more!


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