Cup Cake day for Dementia at Middleton Elderly Aid

I went along to Middleton Elderly Aid to buy cup cakes and cake to raise funds for people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Around 70 Middleton Elderly Aid members, staff and Volunteers were at the centre today (14 June 2019) to raise funds for this worthy cause.

I used to walk a 10k for Dementia/ Alzheimer’s, but I can no longer do that. It’s so important I try and give money when these events take place.

The cup cakes and cake were made by Mavis (main photo) and Carol, members and volunteers at the centre. Well done ladies.

Thanks to Samantha, for putting this event on.

The money raised will be put on this blog later, when the money is added up.

Also there was a guess the height of cup cakes if put on top of each other. I said 2 feet, probably miles off.

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Middleton Elderly Aid members