A couple of hours in the park

Many older people complain that we’ve lost our sense of community, “in the old days” is the battle cry. It’s not true, most community activities were low key and relevant to the day, they still are but they’ve changed.

Here in LS11 we have a new small group emerging, the Hunslett Moor Residents Association. They aren’t rabid green activists (well actually one is but we don’t like to mention him), Left wing loonies (well actually one is but we don’t like to mention him), Women’s Institute Battleaxes (well actually one is but we don’t like to mention her).

They are just people who want to live in a safe, clean and pleasant area. One area they have found that needs attention is Hunslet Moor Park, this is a decaying ornamental park and bowling green, hidden behind the purple flats at the bottom of Dewsbury Road.

In its heyday the park was a beautifully maintained ornamental garden, unfortunately cutbacks have led to its decay into its present unkempt state. So these local people have spent a few days in the last year helping to maintain it. On Saturday 14 January 2017 they held an activity day:-

  • Litter Picking. Actually there’s not that much litter, certainly not mounds of beer cans and chip wrappers that many believe would be there.
  • Branch Lopping. A number of trees and bushes have spread too far and required trimming back.
  • Coffee and Tea Drinking. An essential for all community events.
  • Yelling at the kids. This event was very poorly attended, said individuals behaving well and allowed sharp objects, under supervision, to cut up branches.
  • Enjoying a nice few hours outside.


These folk want to improve their community, they will be having another day out on Saturday 4 March so come and join them, and find out what else YOU can do to help yourself and your community.


This post was written by Nick Carter using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.


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  1. Would the new residents group like to join my mailing list of community groups in South Leeds? I run a project that supports small community groups with advice around funding and how to manage the group. I put out occasional information bulletins and run free training sessions based on what groups say they will find useful.
    Just email me if you’d like to join the database.
    Rachel Vernelle – Health for All

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