Councillors address road safety concerns on Moor Road

Hunslet & Riverside Councillors Mohammed Iqbal, Elizabeth Nash and Paul Wray have moved to address concerns raised by residents about a number of road safety issues on Moor Road in Hunslet, specifically:

  • Moor Road roundabout
  • Crossing points
  • Parking at the junction with Royal Drive
  • Speeding motorists

Poor road markings on the mini roundabout at the junction with Old Run View have led to a number of near misses. The paint work was so worn that some drivers didn’t see the markings at all. These road markings have now been repainted.

Pedestrians have complained of the difficulty of crossing Moor Road at its junction with Balm Road and at the other end near Middleton Railway. Highways Leeds conducted a survey at the Balm Road and have recommended the installation of a pedestrian refuge in the middle of the road junction. The ward Councillors have agreed to fund this out of devolved funds, if it is approved. A survey will be carried out at Middleton Railway in the new year.

Residents on the Royals estate have complained about dangerous double parking at the junction of Royal Drive and Moor Road. This is making it difficult to see around the corner of the junction and causing an issue for bin wagons and other large vehicles. Highways Leeds were due to attend a site visit with Councillors to look at these issues but this was cancelled due to the national lockdown. A visit is being rearranged for the New Year.

Councillors have also requested that West Yorkshire Police carry out speed checks on Moor Road after numerous complaints about speeding motorists.

Cllr Paul Wray told South Leeds Life:

“Cllr Mohammed Iqbal, Cllr Elizabeth Nash and I take road safety very seriously and we have started to look at how we address these concerns on the behalf of our constituents.

“We have every intention of making Moor Road in Hunslet safer to use for both local pedestrians and drivers, and we hope these updates show progress is being made to do just that.”


Photo: The junction of Moor Road and Balm Road, Google Streetview


4 Replies to “Councillors address road safety concerns on Moor Road”

  1. I’m sorry I don’t think an island is good enough it needs a proper zebra crossing to make it safe i for one still wouldn’t feel safe with an island. You can’t even see properly to cross sometimes with all the parked cars especially those parked on yellow lines.

  2. Yes a zebra crossing would help a lot especially for people who have difficulty in walking and cannot walk across the roads quickly .

  3. It is not the lack of safety issues in the area, it is a lack of law enforcement personnel, PCSO’s, CEO’s, and mainly the police who are noticeable through their absence in the area.
    Boy racers use Moor Road as a drag strip, the Royal Estate is a race track and Belle Isle Road and Balm Road are used by motorists doing in excess of 50mph in what is supposed to be 30mph zone.
    Until police start patrolling the area nothing will change.

  4. The issues here can be found in every town and city in the country.
    Reduce the speed to 20mph and put cameras on the road.

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