Council elections cancelled due to Coronavirus

Like many local authorities, Leeds City Council was due to hold elections on Thursday 7 May 2020. The Government has cancelled this year’s election due to the Coronavirus crisis and they will now be held in 2021.

Leeds is split into 33 wards, each represented by three Councillors. Councillors are normally elected to serve a four year term, one third of the Council is elected each year with one year in four having no election (a so called fallow year).

In 2018, following boundary changes, we had an all out election with all 99 Councillors elected. In order to get back to electing a third of the Council each year, Councillors were elected for four, two or one year, depending on the number of votes they received.

The Councillors due to fight re-election this year were appointed for two years, but will now serve three years before next year’s election. 2021 was due to be a fallow year, but in effect that has been brought forward to this year.

The Councillors affected by this decision are: