Council cracks down on dumped rubbish

Two residents from City and Hunslet have been fined by Leeds City Council for dumping waste on the streets.

Local councillors Mohammed Iqbal, Elizabeth Nash and Patrick Davey have welcomed the tough action taken by the council to tackle fly-tipping in the area.

The two residents from Linden Grove and Rocheford Grove were both interviewed for the offence of fly-tipping and subsequently fined. There have been ongoing problems in these areas, with black rubbish bags and carrier bags dumped in the street.

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal said:

“Fly-tipping is a real problem on our streets so I am delighted to see the council clamping down on littering. We have a strict no tolerance policy of fly-tipping and anyone who is caught can be guaranteed they will face firm action.

“In this case, fly-tippers had been dumping bags on the ground and open to the elements attracting vermin and leaving the streets unsightly. There is absolutely no excuse for dumping rubbish and people that chose to discard their waste on our streets will be reprimanded whether this is with a hefty fine or prosecution through the courts. I hope this example will make people think again.”


2 Replies to “Council cracks down on dumped rubbish”

  1. Good work is all I’ll say – fly-tipping is an issue across the whole area and it’s good to see proactive action by the Council. The cost to the Council – and thus us as taxpayers – to clean up waste that should be disposed of in the proper manner is significant and at a time of budget cuts – just not acceptable. The health issues not withstanding – the impact on the look of the communities affect shouldn’t be understated and is sadly something I see every weekend walking through the area.

  2. Been complaining to the council for years about this problem nothing changes majority of offences are private landlord tenants landlords and councillors ought to be made to live amongst these people then maybe more would be done. If you notice it on your weekly door knocking walks why hasn’t anything changed quick to a ct if its crossflatts area anything further down Dewsbury road doesn’t count dumped sofas beds etc are common place but the councillors for that area are NIMBY’s

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