Could You Volunteer At The Hunslet Club?


The Hunslet Club in Leeds needs volunteers of all ages to help run its many activities for children and young people to reach their full potential. Check out the new video above to see the many ways in which you could help.

Could you help run sports sessions including football, boxing, gymnastics or rugby?

Are you inspired to help our dance, music, performing arts, musical theatre or singing groups to be creatively amazing?

Or how about helping run youth club nights or our vocational learning sessions?

Or be an invaluable fundraising or administrative wizard?

There are plenty of ways in which you could help us out at the Hunslet Club. What’s more we will provide you with any training that will help you carry out your duties. You’ll have fun, feel healthier and have something amazing to put on your CV.

We also welcome students on work placement and companies looking for team building challenges in the community.

Go to the Hunslet Club website for further information.