Cost-of-living campaign to launch at the Armouries

Enough is Enough, the campaign to fight the cost-of-living crisis, will be holding a Leeds launch rally on on Tuesday (20 September 2022).

Eddie Dempsey, Zarah Sultana MP and ACORN National Chair Rohan Kon are confirmed to speak at the rally, which will be held at the Royal Armouries in Hunslet, starting at 7pm. Crowds will also be joined by Kurdish House Leeds, local representatives of ACORN, the community union, as well as other speakers.

It will be a major event for Enough is Enough, which has already held massive rallies in Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Manchester and other parts of the country.

It will come as the campaign, which demands a return to the pre-April price cap on energy bills, a cost-of-living pay rise for British workers and an end to food poverty, looks set to announce a National Day of Action on 1 October, which will see protests against corporate greed and for striking workers spread across Britain.

Commenting on Tuesday’s launch, ACORN Chair and CWU Rep Rohan Kon said:

“The wealth-hoarding CEOs, self-serving politicians and workshy landlords have declared war on us. There’s only two options: we give in, or we fight. I will always be a fighter – and over half a million of us have already signed up to take action with Enough is Enough and show we won’t be walked over anymore.

“We are made of tougher stuff than them and we will win. If you’re in Leeds, this is the time to get stuck in. Enough is Enough.”

Jayne Chapman, RMT Young Members Representative said:

”This country is pushing working class people to the brink. We’re sick of sitting and complaining about how bad things are, it’s time for us all to stand up for ourselves, our workplaces, and our communities. Change in this country has only ever come from us demanding it and taking what’s ours. That’s why I’m with Enough is Enough. I’m a proud trade union member, a member of the community union ACORN, I’ve had enough and I’m fighting back.”


This post is based on a press release issued by Enough Is Enough