Community Reporters learn audio skills

Jaz shows Steve the ropes.Photo by Jeremy Morton
Jaz shows Steve the ropes. Photo by Jeremy Morton

Our trainee Community Reporters spent an interesting couple of hours at South Leeds Community Radio today.

Jaz Long, the Station Manager, took us through how to correctly use their “Ediroll” portable recording equipment. This allows someone to record high quality audio – an interview, or a piece of live music – that can then be used on the radio. They can also be used on a website and you can expect to find more audio pieces on this blog in the future.

As well understanding about recording levels and microphone technique we had an introduction to editing.

The community reporters course is introducing a range of techniques including photography and audio as well as writing. South Leeds Life is all about letting ordinary people have their say about any issues that matter to them. Some people are comfortable writing their thoughts down, others prefer to talk and some can take a photograph that says a thousand words.

Thanks again to Jaz and the good people at South Leeds Community Radio.

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