Community Reporters head to the Beech in Middleton Park

Budding South Leeds Life community correspondents practiced their journalistic photo story skills on a group outing to the South Leeds beauty spot.

The seven students, drawn from across south Leeds, are attending a course led by local journalist John Baron.

The 10-week course held at Health For All in Middleton aims to teach skills to allow attendees to write articles for the South Leeds Life community blog and magazine.

Students set out on a photo hunt across the autumnal landscape to capture images connected to nature & heritage.

Using camera and mobile phones to brush up on photography tips such as filling the frame & the rule of thirds, Khadija aged 23 of Beeston, pictured next to one of the park’s many towering trees, said:

“Even though I’m local, it’s my first time in the’s great to take the time to look around and report on so much beauty.”

The woods carry a rich natural and industrial history with records dating back to pre-Norman times.

Friends of Middleton Park formed in 2003 to promote local interest and involvement in the park and its woodland. A new Lakeside Centre, including a café, is opening soon.



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