Community reporters trip to historic Middleton Park

We went to Middleton Park, it was good to take some photos and find out want is going on in the park.

We met a man with his dog, he said that he has been coming to the park for a long time because it was a very nice park to come to. He has been coming for a long time. He said that he is happy that they are doing thou with the park and it is nice to bring kids and there is a nice playground for kids to come and have fun.

It was nice to see that the new building is going too be open soon so that we can have tea and nice cakes. I can’t wait for the new building to be open so there is somewhere for kids.

There are men fishing in the park and lots of kids playing and having fun, lots of dogs in the park and there is a very friendly bowling club. Lots of men and women go to see the ducks swimming on the water – it is a nice friendly park.


Middleton Park’s new visitor centre.

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