Community picnic in Cross Flatts Park


As part of Love Parks Week, Groundwork Leeds came to Cross Flatts Park on Thursday.

They brought their entire staff for their annual Activity Day. Staff tended the edible beds, painted bins and generally tidied up around the park. They also organised a free family picnic with giant games like snakes and ladders and Jenga. There was plenty of information about litter and recycling on hand too.


You can find more photos of the event on Groundwork’s Flickr page.

One Reply to “Community picnic in Cross Flatts Park”

  1. I have to say my wife went to this event and was very disappointed. Your article seems to make it seem more than what it was.
    The picnic was non-existent, and my wife was present for two hours and saw no food, and the games were few and far between.

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