Community Committee to discuss support for families

CC logo COLHRSouth Leeds residents are invited to attend the Inner South Community Committee’s second community workshop at Leeds Civic Hall next Wednesday (26 November 2014).

Having considered domestic violence and its impact in our area at the first workshop, this second workshop will focus on the theme of Children and Young People.

Under the title ‘Think Family/Think Community: supporting families’ the session will discuss:

  • Supporting families and surrounding communities affected by anti-social behaviour and crime
  • Supporting families and young people into employment
  • Community based help for families who need extra support

It is expected that the workshop will identify tasks that can contribute to a local plan for action.

The Workshop starts at 5:30pm in the East and West Rooms at Leeds Civic Hall, Sandwiches and hot drinks will be available from 5.00pm. It will be followed by the formal Inner South Community Committee meeting at 7.00pm.

You can find full papers for the meeting on the council website here:

The Inner South Community Committee is made up from the nine councillors who represent the wards of Beeston & Holbeck, City & Hunslet and Middleton Park. Cllr Angela Gabriel, chair of the committee, has posted this video on Facebook to invite members of the public to attend: