Classroom singing brings the world to Belle Isle

Music lessons at Windmill Primary School were given an international flavour on Friday (13 October 2017) as pupils are joined by two of the Master Trainers from the British Council’s music education initiative, World Voice.

Around eighty children in Years 3-5 pupils from Windmill Primary School and Low Road Primary School came together to enjoy singing lessons led by Samuel Lewis from Sierra Leone and Patricia Cardona from Colombia. Each taught the children songs from their country with the aim of giving the children an insight into world culture through music.

Gracie, Samuel, Nicia, Aristotle, Patricia, brodie and James

Samuel told South Leeds Life:

“In Seirra Leone music is inbred, we use it all the time in education. Music aids faster learning that lives a lifetime. Think about the nursery rhymes you learned as a youngster and still remember.

“We are very grateful to the British Council for creating this opportunity to bring the world together and make it a small village.”

We also spoke to pupils Brodie,Nicia, Aristoltle and Gracie. Here are some of their comments:

“I enjoyed it. It was really good learn in other languages. The song about the Spanish girl was my favourite. I know a few words in Spanish and would like to know more.”

“Singing puts me in a good mood. I enjoyed the Spanish song about the moon because the moon makes people happy when it shines.”

“It’s fun to sing. We mostly sing in English and we often use clapping or hand actions. I liked the clapping counting song.”

Windmill Primary and Low Road Primary School, together with New Bewerley Community School are In Harmony Opera North schools. Working closely with Opera North’s education team to embed music into the curriculum. Children throughout each school have regular singing lessons and all learn a musical instrument.

The transferable skills of teamwork, concentration, resilience are having an impact on other subjects and improving pupils’ attainment across the board.