BITMOs GATE celebrates World Food Day

I went along to BITMOs GATE this morning to taste the food (me, being a lover of Asian food) for their community  to celebrate World Food Day. 

Ken says:

” I first tried the Chicken curry from the Hamara Centre in Beeston.

Was very authentic, medium spiced with taste of cumin, coriander and turmeric flavour coming through.

The guy serving asked if I would like to try the Polish Goulash.

Already had the chicken curry, so asked for a small portion just so I could write this review. Out of the kitchen came a large bowl of Goulash with Garlic bread.

This was lightly spiced and contained vegetables including courgettes, tomatoes, onions and peppers. The spiced sauce on this occasion came from smoked paprika and a little chilli powder in a tomato based sauce.

I enjoyed both meals as many of the others did who came to join us for lunch.

Their was a vegetarian Asian option. Was too full to try that, but Lynne gave it approval as very nice.”


Donna says:

“Hamara centre, Beeston catered the Asian food for us today; this included Chicken curry, vegetable curry and mint Sauce.

Krok Po Kroku Polish Group Beeston catered the Vegetable Goulash with garlic bread for us.

Erica and Samara Project Workers from Stop Hate UK attended our Community Lunch. They also promoted Hate Crime Awareness week (14th October -21st October 2017), raising awareness to our staff and service users of the services available and how to access them.

I have also put together a stand for Hate Crime Awareness week which will be up all week to raise awareness to everyone.”