Clapgate Primary School art show celebrates Platinum Jubilee

This week, the children, families and staff of Clapgate Primary School celebrated Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with an end of year art show.

This whole school event was planned, organised and executed by our fantastic, school Arts Council which consists of eight children from year 5 and 6. The event was spread over 4 nights after school and gave children and parents the opportunity to see their child’s art on display and also take part in some art activities (one of which was jubilee themed).

The school Arts Council used the event to raise money for Wheatfield’s Hospice (in memory of our former colleague, Carry Franklin, the founder of Leeds Little Free Libraries) and UNICEF for the Ukraine.

K Webster, art lead at the school said:

“This was a fabulous event organised by our school arts council, which brought our school community together to share the brilliant art work of our talented children. It was great to see children and families taking part in art activities and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. Art is an important and credible part of our school curriculum and this week we have witnessed this with the support shown from our children and families.”


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  1. What a lovely idea . Art is so great at bringing people together and sadly not as many people seem to get the opportunity to enjoy it. Congratulations to school’s Art Council for organising it

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