Jubilee ‘yarn bombers’ strike in Beeston

A Beeston Crochet and Knitting group have joined the national movement to create toppers for post boxes and
bollards. Also known as ‘yarn bombing’ the movement is bringing fun and colour to street furniture across the

The group meet every Monday morning (10am-12pm) at Beeston Community Hub & Library and were approached
by Beeston In Bloom to make post box toppers to impress the Yorkshire In Bloom judges in July.

After much discussion it was decided to initially create four post-box toppers representing each season so there will be a spring, summer, autumn and winter themed post-box topper that will be placed on post-boxes in the Beeston area.

Whilst working on the project the group members decided to create an additional topper to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which was installed on the post-box outside of Old Lane Post Office today (30 May 2022). The topper features the Queen surrounded by a Beefeater, a corgi and two Guardsmen.

There are social media pages dedicated to showcasing this type of thing that is happening in communities all over the country for example “Post Box Toppers UK” Facebook page, and it doesn’t just adorn post-boxes sometimes there are Bollard toppers – some of the creations are amazing and there are many different themes and people involved on the social media sites share their tips, techniques and advice on creating these works of art.

Sandra, who has attended the group since it started before the Covid-19 pandemic, told us:

“There has been lots of work involved, hopefully it will bring a bit of joy to Beeston, there has not been much joy around recently and we hope it will make people smile and help people come together as a community.  The Platinum Jubilee topper is a tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth showing appreciation for 70 years on the throne.

“It is lovely to see it completed after all the hard work and it brought a smile to my face, and it might do the same for others.  It has been lovely to come together as a group on a shared project.  The group is a nice group for meeting new friends, and I look forward to Monday mornings to meet up with like-minded people.  We are looking forward to finishing and displaying the next toppers which should be out on display in July.”

This is what some of the other group attendees have said about the project

“I have really enjoyed designing and creating the characters for the toppers.  I am really excited to get it out on display.” Sue

“I hope everyone appreciates all the time and effort gone into this fantastic creation” Catherine


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  1. Many thanks to all the talented ladies who contributed their talents to this creation. Looking forward to seeing the Seasons toppers too.

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