Chef Bradley welcomes you to new Greenhouse Deli


Deli BradleyA young chef from Leeds City College has taken the leap to run his own business, after taking up an enterprise opportunity provided by Citu, the team behind pioneering low carbon development Greenhouse.

Dedicated to creating a sustainable community, in the widest sense of the word, Citu runs a number of different initiatives at Greenhouse in Beeston, to encourage greener living and a more sustainable lifestyle. In line with these values it was important to them that when revamping the deli, they identified local talent to support and involve in the opportunity. As a result they have provided a launch platform for 18 year old Bradley Dunhill who has now set up in business to service Greenhouse residents, corporate clients of the in-house event space Greenspace, and the local community in and around Beeston.

The Greenhouse Deli is to non-residents as well as residents. Bradley runs a variety of special offers throughout the week. Visitors can buzz the Deli from the main door at Greenhouse.

Bradley, from Morley, is now the proud director of Deli-licious, and with support from the Citu directors and the Enterprise department at the College provided by the net315 project, is now on the road to developing a strong, sustainable business. Creating healthy meals using local ingredients and produce wherever possible, Bradley’s planning to create many dishes using freshly grown fruit, veg and herbs from the Greenhouse allotments as well as utilising produce from the College’s commercial enterprises including its in-house bakery and butchery.

Bradley studied Professional Cookery at the College before moving on to an apprenticeship at its award-winning Food Academy at Flannels – a fine dining restaurant in Leeds city centre. After completing their training with Leeds City College, students who excelled in the kitchen and front of house have the opportunity to be employed as apprentices at the restaurant, providing invaluable industry experience in a professional, high quality environment.

Leeds City College Principal Peter Roberts said:

“We are highly delighted to see Bradley progress on to what is an amazing opportunity for him. At the college we equip students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen field and also actively encourage entrepreneurship so it is great to see a student embracing the chance to turn his talents into a viable business. We wish him the very best for the future and will continue to support him where we can.”

Citu has provided Bradley with a working kitchen, rent free, and has worked with local Leeds-based design duo Lord Whitney to create a welcoming, homely, community focused environment for his customers.

Aisling Ramshaw, Head of Sales & Marketing at Citu, who is supporting Bradley with business mentoring said:

“The Greenhouse Deli is in many ways the heart of the building. It plays an important role in bringing people together, being a space where people can relax, and unwind, and chat and get to know their neighbours. When looking for someone to run this we didn’t want to bring in a chain that didn’t match our values, or someone who’d play at this as an addition to a wider business. We felt this was the perfect platform to enable someone passionate and like-minded in their values, to take control of their future and we’re delighted to have found Bradley. He’s a hard worker, with a real passion for great food, and is already a hit with the residents.”

Renowned Yorkshire Chef and part-time Leeds City College Tutor Stephanie Moon was also on hand during the Deli’s launch to offer some advice to Bradley. She said:

“For a young man starting his career in the catering industry, this is a golden opportunity for someone at such an early age – and it is great to see Bradley doing so well.”

Stephanie spent time one to one with Bradley and he took away many great nuggets from her advice. He said:

“Steph was great – she spoke to me from a chef’s point of view, but also has the experience to share of how to present food and how to get customers excited about what we offer. She highlighted the importance of first impressions, and of getting people to really know what I stand for. She loved the fact that my mum makes the brownies and said I should promote this! She also offered valuable advice on how to get suppliers to support me in the early days and I really appreciate her taking the time to share her wisdom.

“I’m really excited by this opportunity, but realise it’s going to be very hard work. I believe the key is in connecting with my customers and providing them with things that they can’t buy in the supermarket. The Deli is a key place people socialise at Greenhouse and I’m focusing on creating menus that people can enjoy with friends, neighbours and colleagues and also love encouraging people to try new things”.


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  1. I wish Bradley all the best in his new business venture. It’s great to see people take business to a new venue and make a success of it.
    I too tried to develop my business, teaching yoga, in the Greenhouse so I have some experience of the place and it’s workings. I hope he doesn’t turn up one morning to his deli to find it has been booked out to someone else with more cash and clout, say media company or art company. “Oh I forgot you were coming today, a TV company are shooting a documentary, Sorry.” Although the venue was lovely, the caretaker, Jimmy, extremely helpful, the rest was a nightmare. I had to cancel classes twice at short notice because the management had ignored my longstanding booking and rented out the space to others. No notice was ever given, I would simply turn up to my class and 15 minutes before the start be told that I would have to cancel the class. This is no way to encourage, ” a more sustainable lifestyle.” I tried several times to contact the management team (Citu) in person to air my concerns but never managed to make contact with them. They would have had no idea who I was anyway. Chocolate (Teapot) Promotions seemed to be running things and doing a poor job of it in my opinion. Jimmy would have done a better and more “sustainable” job, at least he knew what was going on in the building.
    I took my bookings across the road to Tiger 11 (Hillside) where people paying rent are treated with respect and don’t feel like second rate intruders. Credit where credit is due.
    Let’s hope Bradley makes a success of his new venture and everyone is left with a good aftertaste. All the best!

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